High Places

by Matt Cox

Released 2018
Sower Records
Released 2018
Sower Records
"Cox has again crafted an album of vivid songs that are layered, relatable, and as engaging as anything to come out this year.” -Ryan Evans, Tree with Roots KZUM 89.3

"Wonderful. Honest. Authentic." -Rick Galusha, Pacific Street Blues KIWR 89.7
  • 03:14 Lyrics 18 Wheels

    18 WHEELS

    I drive eighteen wheels 

    And momma don’t shine my shoes  x2

    My chains are rusty

    I’ve been carrying bad news

    Coming down from the mountain

    I got thirty-seven miles of grade  x2

    I’m downshifting low gears

    Hauling these blues away

    Eighteen wheels

    Don’t shine my shoes  x2

    My chains are rusty

    I’ve been carrying bad news

    My brakes keep breaking

    And my headlamp’s got a blown fuse  x2

    My starter won’t start 

    And I got a broke-down engine too



    (c) 2018

    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 03:38 Lyrics Rockwell


    I fell into that old rock-well

    I fell so fast that nobody could tell 

    But you could tell by the circles 

    And tell by the smell

    I fell into that old rock-well

    I was born with a curious mind 

    Went looking for any trouble I could find

    Now I’m out here trying to keep between the lines 

    And leave all the pain and worries behind


    Cocaine Katie she’s a small town girl

    They say that when she was born

    She had the devil’s curls

    Lost her looks the day she pawned her pearls

    Ain’t a thing that can save her

    In this God-almighty world


    There’s a plague spreading all across this land

    It’ll steal your woman, it’ll rob your man

    Ain’t no really telling where it all began

    Some say it started with your Uncle Sam




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 03:45 Lyrics High Places


    I got friends in high places

    It don’t matter where I’ve been

    Every time I see that rocky skyline

    I know I’ve got a real good friend

    I feel much better high above sea level

    Where the air’s so clean and thin

    Yeah, I got friends in high places

    And I know they’ll take me in

    I rolled out to Denver, Colorado

    To see an old pal of mine

    We spent the weekend high up in the mountains

    And Lord, she was mighty kind

    But, I couldn’t stay long no, I had to get goin’ 

    I was Arizona bound

    She begged me to come with me

    And I could not turn her down

    It was shortly before nightfall 

    We were looking for a place to camp

    When the Beaver County Sheriff passed me by

    And I must have had a bum tail lamp

    He whipped his car ‘round 

    And I got the shake down

    There on the side of that road

    We were twenty miles from Zion

    When he told me what I owed

    He said, I’ll let you keep your license son

    It might just be your lucky day

    But, before I let you go you know

    There’s just one thing that I’ve got to say

    I don't like friends like yours ‘round here

    And I don’t care for the hair down over your ears

    Then he shook my hand 

    And said, I hope you understand

    Then stole my Mary Jane




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 02:35 Lyrics Go Get Rich


    Go get Rich

    Get him on the line

    Tell him I’m calling

    And I keep on trying

    Go Get Rich

    Tell him I’m falling

    He don’t know my name

    But, he’s the friend of a friend of mine

    He can take your water

    And make a strawberry wine

    He can make a young man

    Go and lose his mind

    Some get lucky

    Some die trying

    And you got to make some money, honey

    If you want to walk that line


    If I had a dollar for every single time

    That I wish I had a dollar for a new double-wide

    I park it in the country 

    And stay home at night

    Then me and my baby 

    Wouldn’t come home and fuss’n fight




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 04:48 Lyrics Medicine Man


    The Cold War weather’s 

    Got you feeling all alone

    You say your blood’s thicker than water

    But you’re frozen to the bone

    Have a little more

    From the Medicine Man  x2

    Go downstairs and put a record on

    And leave it all behind

    Lose yourself now in the song

    And let the melody ease your mind


    Time is all you have boy

    Don’t waste it all away

    Everybody’s just trying to make it 

    Through another day 




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 02:56 Lyrics Pepper Pickin' Daddy


    I’m a pepper pickin’ Daddy

    Hot salsa in my veins  x2

    I’m a pepper pickin’ Daddy

    I can’t feel no pain

    I called up my baby and said darling please come home

    Yeah, I’ve been picking peppers and I’m all alone

    Tell your boss your sick and give your dog a bone

    I’ve gotta warn you baby

    I’m spicy to the touch  x2

    When I’ve been picking peppers I start burning up

    I like them spicy habaneros 

    But, Jalepenos will do 

    Red hot chili peppers

    And Che Guevara blues

    Bells and bananas

    I like them sweet ones too




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 04:41 Lyrics Palace of the Sun


    Billy came down from Houston

    With a suitcase and a gun

    Across the Rio Grande

    No one really knew what he done

    He was the father of five children

    But, they say that his first born son

    Took a bullet in Afghanistan 

    On the day he turned twenty-one

    Goodbye Rosie

    Rosie goodbye I’ve gotta run

    Boys around the table

    Are pulling out big guns

    Via con dios

    I’ll meet you at the Palace Of The Sun

    On a beach near Playa Del Carmen

    There sat Rosie one afternoon

    She had skin like Spanish leather 

    And her hair smelled like sweet perfume

    In a dirty-lit cantina they called

    The Palace Of The Sun

    They drank mezcal margaritas

    And Coconuts full of rum


    But, he couldn’t escape the memories 

    Of the life he’d left behind 

    And they say that a deep depression

    Swallowed up poor Billy’s mind

    They found him on a Sunday

    Just before the evening tide

    With a bottle in his left hand 

    And a letter in his right




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 04:20 Lyrics Granite Angels


    I’ve got this old Marine Band harmonica

    It’s still got Grandpa’s sweet pipe tobacco smell

    And it’s getting a little rough around the edges

    But, it still plays pretty well

    We’re going out where cool waters

    Don’t taste like mercury and lead

    I’m tired of this old dirty river

    and this old rock bed

    I count my lucky stars 

    Every night and day

    For the rarest birds

    They always seem to fly away

    And it makes my blood run as cold

    As granite angels

    I used to go to church on Sundays

    But, now they all just hurt like Hell

    I don’t think I’d ever make it up in Heaven

    Maybe time will tell

    I used to think that the longer the life

    It was only the slower the death

    Now, I wish there was some place in the middle

    Where we could keep on dreaming




    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 03:20 Lyrics Big Shot Racket


    Hey there Mr. Big Shot

    Can we make a deal?

    Teach me how to sell records 

    Tell me how to feel 

    He said it’s one step forward and two steps back

    Life’s a losing battle it’s a matter of fact

    Hey there pretty momma

    Does your hair hang low?

    Tell me who do you love?

    What does your garden grow?

    She said it’s one step forward and two steps back

    Life’s a shiny penny on a railroad track

    Good morning Blues 

    Tell me how do you do?

    It seems just like yesterday

    That I last saw you

    It’s one step forward and two steps back 

    With a cocaine habit and a bottle of jack

    Hey there Mr. Big Shot

    How does it feel? 

    Can we make a gold record?

    Come on let’s make a deal

    He said it’s one step forward and two steps back

    It’s just a big racket it’s a matter of fact



    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 02:23 Lyrics Donald


    Hey tweety bird 

    With your fake blonde haircut 

    Why don’t you just go home?

    Stop tweeting on your cell phone

    Show a little backbone

    And act like you’ve been there before

    You may think you’re making 

    America great again

    With that smug look on your face

    But I’ve gotta break it to ya

    We can all see right through ya

    Donald you’re a total disgrace

    Hey money bags 

    With your fake blonde haircut

    Why don't you just go home?

    Go take a nap in a tanning bed

    We’ll forget what you said

    And pretend it never happened at all

    Because we’ve all been hacked by alternative facts

    And I’m afraid that there’s been a mistake

    Won’t you please pack your bags

    So we can all relax 

    Donald you’re a total disgrace

    Hey shit talker

    With your fake blonde haircut

    Why don’t you just go home?

    Stop spreading your ignorant political agendas

    And trying to offend everyone

    You said if you got elected 

    We’d be better protected  

    But, it doesn’t really feel like the case

    You couldn’t save a soul with a fifty-foot pole

    Donald your a total disgrace

    Hey pussy grabber 

    With your fake blonde haircut

    Why don’t you just go home?

    You can’t take the heat 

    So get your ass out of the kitchen

    And leave all our women alone

    You can’t be a representative and be so insensitive 

    To issues like gender and race

    You may be our president 

    But, we all think it’s evident 

    Donald you’re a total disgrace 



    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 03:02 Lyrics Drama Queen (Bonus Track)


    When I first met you

    You were just a baby

    And your momma raised you 

    That first year on her own 

    And though it seemed 

    The whole town knew her story

    I’d never met a woman so alone

    Well, my Grandpa told me 

    After my last car wreck

    He said son there must be a reason 

    You ain’t dead

    But, to tell you the truth 

    Before I met you girl

    I’m not sure I ever believed 

    A word that he said

    They say that everything here happens for a reason

    But, I don’t care if it don’t mean a thing

    You’ll always be your Daddy’s little princess

    And you’ll always be my little drama queen

    Well, they say that it’s insane 

    How quick you grow up

    And that one day 

    We’ll wake up and you’ll be gone

    Someday you might go 

    Looking for some answers

    And I hope you find 

    That we never did you no wrong

    ‘Cause sweetheart I’m sure glad I met your momma

    And I don’t regret giving her that diamond ring

    You’ll always be your Daddy’s little princess 

    And you’ll always be my little drama queen



    Matt Cox/ASCAP

  • 04:01 Lyrics Heart on My Sleeve (Bonus Track)


    With my heart on my sleeve 

    And a hole in my chest

    I’ve traveled alone 

    And I’ve run with the best

    While the whole world she bleeds 

    I’ve turned to go west

    With my heart on my sleeve 

    It put a hole in my chest

    Some lovers they leave ya

    And some we lay to rest

    Some will lie and deceive ya

    Though you’d never guess

    That all that glitters ain’t really gold 

    And some silver won’t shine

    And diamonds get scattered 

    Over sands of time

    Now that I’ve found out 

    What it takes to become a man

    I know that deep down honey 

    Our love it didn't have a chance

    We should know better than to say that it’s forever

    When God laughs at all of our plans

    With my heart on my sleeve 

    And a hole in my chest

    I've traveled alone 

    And I've run with the best

    Now the whole world she bleeds 

    Like the sun in the west

    With my heart on my sleeve

    It put a hole in my chest



    Matt Cox/ASCAP

Matt Cox - vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, percussion
Colin Duckworth - electric and steel guitars, mandolin
Eric Elworth - upright bass, vocals, accordion, rhodes, organ
Jarron Wayne Storm, III - drums and percussion, vocals
Dan McCarthy - piano
Gino Meyer - charango

Produced by Jeremy Garrett and Matt Cox
Recorded at Hidden Tracks Studio, Omaha, NE

Matt Cox

Since 2003, singer/songwriter Matt Cox (Omaha, NE) has been recording and performing across the United States both as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent. The Shenandoah, IA, native (childhood home of the Everly Brothers) blends traditions of country, rock, folk, blues, Tex-Mex, gospel and soul, with his signature road-worn vocals, guitar & harmonica. A seven-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner (Best Blues 2008, Best Country/Americana 2009-2014, and Album Of The Year 2018, High Places).

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