Gavin's Point Dam



It was early in the springtime

When the snow thawed 

In the high peaks of Montana

And they rushed to release the water

That was threatening to tear down

Gavin's Point Dam


They evacuated the flood plains

And sandbagged all the highways 

And prayed they'd hold

But you can't defend against nature

And some old levees just can't do 

As they're told


Now that black muddy river's 

Rolling South like a runaway freight

And they say come Hell or high-water

This old heartland 

Ain't ever gonna look the same


There ain't no rhyme or reason

You can't hang a big tag upon the answer

While young folks of the future 

Have to work and fight

For their Social Security


And the forest once full of trees

And all the mountains, and the birds, and the bees

They've all got cancer

And the leaders we depend on

Turn around and point their fingers

At you and me


I can't predict the weather

But Lordy I sure feel a change

God bless my weary soul

I'm just a poor boy 

I can't change a God damn thing


Now it's September

And that river's turned the farmland into sand

I always will remember

The story I saw and the picture 

The one I recall from 

Gavin's Point Dam


(c) 2014

Matt Cox/ASCAP

Matt Cox

Since 2003, singer/songwriter Matt Cox (Omaha, NE) has been recording and performing across the United States both as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent. The Shenandoah, IA, native (childhood home of the Everly Brothers) blends traditions of country, rock, folk, blues, Tex-Mex, gospel and soul, with his signature road-worn vocals, guitar & harmonica. A seven-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner (Best Blues 2008, Best Country/Americana 2009-2014, and Album Of The Year 2018, High Places).

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