Waiting On the Rain



I've travelled most of this country

Through cities and towns

And everywhere I've found

People putting other people down 


When I packed up my guitar

And headed south down for Austin

I didn't know just where I was going

Or how long I'd be gone


But something hit me that day

I knew I was right where I belonged

When I heard that radio playing

One of your favorite songs


It takes a certain kind of lover

It takes a certain kind of friend

To always be there for each other

To have a helping hand to lend


They're gonna keep on changing

The rules of the game

And I'm tired of just sitting here

Waiting on the rain


I kept mostly to myself

And studied my trade

I tried to make some sense of 

The bad choices I've made


From street corners to the big show

They try to take it all away

But don't pretend to be what you ain't

And understand what I say


They're gonna keep on changing

The rules of the game

Now I'm just sitting here singing

Waiting on the rain


If you take to drinking

You better steady your aim

Be careful of what you do

And don't shit on your name


If you're feeling like leaving

Go on and walk out the door

Just remember if you slip

And you come back for more


That a whole lot of lovin'

Is just a big waste of time

If I can't be in your dreams

And you can't live with mine


They're gonna keep on changing

The rules of the game

But I'll just keep on singing

Waiting on the rain


Yeah, I'll just be here singing

Waiting on the rain


(c) 2011

Matt Cox/ASCAP

Matt Cox

Since 2003, singer/songwriter Matt Cox (Omaha, NE) has been recording and performing across the United States both as a solo artist, and with an ever-changing lineup of the area’s top talent. The Shenandoah, IA, native (childhood home of the Everly Brothers) blends traditions of country, rock, folk, blues, Tex-Mex, gospel and soul, with his signature road-worn vocals, guitar & harmonica. A seven-time Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award winner (Best Blues 2008, Best Country/Americana 2009-2014, and Album Of The Year 2018, High Places).

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